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   In this story you will take the role of a young adult male who is currently working as a waiter, but one day he decides that it's time for something new, it's time to change his life around.
   With the money our hero inherited from his father, having a keen interest in the subjects, he signs up to take history and mythology classes, hoping to work in the field one day.
   But one night, with meeting the Succubus Queen Lily, little did he know just how much his life really would indeed change.
   Now our hero, granted with powers of corruption to aid him in his task given by Lily, it is up to you how our hero will go about everything - will he stay pure and manage to do what Lily requires of him without using the powers but rather by conquering the hearts of several and various women. Or will he succumb to the corruption due to using the powers? And what will be the results and consequences? That, is for you to find out!
   But that of course isn't all - many characters have their own stories with their own drama for you to follow, for you to solve.

So strap your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

Why should I pledge? 

      Lily's Curse is still in early development. But any amount of pledge will help us buy more assets, upgrade our machines (only Ariku have a computer that can render). Even just a dollar is a great help! Every patch/update we get new assets to make it less redundant. And pledging is not to buy you the game, it's to support and help us to continue what we do and do more in the future for your own entertainment. We're passionate about what we do, even with the little time we have to create our game. So even if you can't help us by pledging but you like our game, a good comment or good review is a push for us to bring more people in.

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- Our games are made during our free time and it's not our full-time job (yet).
- This game is for adult only +18. 
- All characters in the game are 18 or above and are purely fictional. - Characters represented in-game are not blood related. 
- All characters in the game are consent to all events and action that occurs, they're all willingly part of the story, hehe. 
- Any resemblance to actual and real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 
- No harm was made to any fictional character, only our backs and asses are aching from sitting by the computer for so long every day. 
- The softwares are used under proper license.
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Install instructions

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "LilysCursev031.exe" to start playing.


Lily's Curse v0.3 - Linux
LilysCursev0.3.2-pc.zip 1 GB
LilysCursev0.3.2-mac.zip 1 GB

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Project is inactive and Patreon page doesn't exist?

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Does this have serious themes ? I like the premise of corruption and seduction and stuff.. but I don`t like too much emotional stuff and having to deal with moral dilemmas and consequences.. 

Simply put .. can i just corrupt and bang people without having to deal with hard life decisions later in game ? would I get shoe-horned in to " doing the right thing ?  .. something that a lot of VNs seem to do near the end ..

I will give this a try and I hope it doesn`t disappoint..  

actually it doesn`t seem to be downloading.. never mind then lol